9 Dec 2016

Partner at A&P Dmitry Matveyev gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal concerning IT industry in Belarus

Head of IT/IP practice at the law firm Aleinikov & Partners Dmitry Matveyev described in an interview to The Wall Street Journal his views on what is the developing phenomenon of Belarusian IT sector. The experts also participated in the interview are following: Valery Tsepkalo, director of Hi-Tech Park in Belarus; Igor Magazinik, founder of Vibe rang Juno Inc.; Sergey Gonchar, MSQRD’s chief technology officer.

Dmitry Matveyev stated that the Republic of Belarus is a party to the 1965 Convention establishing the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID Convention). According to the ICSID Convention investor whose rights have been violated by State could bring a legal action against it. The crucial point was that ICSID awards may be recognized and enforced in Belarus.

The Republic of Belarus had been a party to the Convention establishing the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) since 1992. MIGA can help investor​s and lenders deal with these risk​s by insuringeligible projects against losses relating to:

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